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Unique Handmade Jewelry

Distinctive handmade jewelry, Two Schillings coin rings

We at Annealed take pride in knowing that all our Unique handmade jewelry is created by our own hands and not mechanically massed produced. Due to this, we are able to provide you with a near one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Whether its rings made from coins or Jewelry made from service medals. Regardless of the piece, it’s handmade and handmade is so much better.

Definition of Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry or Handcrafted jewelry is jewelry which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines.

Some Jewelry you can find in our shop include:

Turquoise silver Inlay Rings
Distinctive handmade Jewelry
Walking Liberty Coin Ring
Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring
Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring
military rings
Distinctive handmade Jewelry
Afghanistan Service Medal Rings
Handcrafted unique silver service medal jewelry
Iraq Service Medal Cuff Bracelets
Handmade Copper Twist Bracelets
Handmade copper bracelet
Red Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant handmade jewelry
Red Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant
Handmade Sterling Silver and Copper earrings
Sterling Silver and Copper earrings

We are working hard to build our inventory and to create more options for you. In the meantime, we hope you find something in our shop that you love as we will be adding more Unique handmade jewelry pieces as quickly as our imagination grows. So take a look through our shop and you’ll find jewelry made from service medals, coin rings, and other high quality unique handmade jewelry and don’t forget to visit our posts page.

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