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Your OWN Coin Rings

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What if You made rings from Your Own Coin

Then they would truly be your OWN Coin Rings. I’ve had a lot of request for me to make rings from Coins that my customers supply. So I figured it was time to add this option to my shop. First, I would like to say thank you for trusting me with an item that you hold dearly to your heart. Whether this coin is from your own collection or from a loved one, I know its important to you. Making rings from your own coin would mean that much more.

Coin Rings
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My promise to you is to take extra care while handling your coin and forging it into something just as meaningful. With that said, I have to be honest with you. I am very good at what I do, HOWEVER, unforeseen accidents happen! I would like to quote my good old friend Murphy, “If it can happen, It WILL happen”. Please make sure you want to use that specific coin. Once I start, there is no turning back. I will however make another promise. If Murphy is right and your coin gets damaged, I will buy another one, hopefully just like it and start all over.

Making Rings From Your Own Coins

After making your purchase here, you will need to supply your own coin by mailing it to:


3932 Griffith Rd

Pace, Fl. 32571

I would advise, when mailing it to me, add tracking ability so you will know if your coin has reached me. Also, to avoid confusion, its a good idea to include your receipt or your order number with your package.  It is usually a 3 day handling time before its ready to be ship. I offer free shipping when I ship it back to you.

I look forward to your comments... Thanks!

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