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Coin Rings Gallery

Quality Coin Rings For Sale

From coin to rings, looking through our photos below, you’ll see some of the many quality coin rings for sale, for example some are made from Morgan Silver Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, as well as Quarters of different years and different metal compositions like; Silver, Silver Clad, Copper Clad.

Rings made from coins

Silver Dollar coin rings

Peace silver dollar Coin Ring
Peace silver Dollar
Morgan silver dollar coin ring
Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar Coin Ring
handmade coin jewelry

Half Dollar Rings

Kennedy silver coin ring
JFK 1964
Silver JFK
Kennedy Copper Clad
half dollar
Copper Clad
John F. Kennedy
Kennedy Copper Clad
Franklin Half dollar coin rings
Franklin DR

Quarter Rings Coin Rings

Handmade coin jewelry, quarter rings, Coin Rings for Sale
Silver quarter Coin Rings for sale
90% Silver Quarter Ring
Silver Quarter Jewelry
quarter rings

Walking Liberty

Half Dollar Coin Rings
Half Dollar
coin rings, coin rings for sale,

From .999 Silver Coins


Mexican Libertad coin rings

Made From a Foreign Coin

British coin rings
British ring
Coin Rings
Australian penny ring
Two Schillings coin rings
Mexican Peso Coin rings
Coin Penney Rings,
Coin Rings, coin rings for sale

What I like

As a coin ring craftsman, I would say my favorite coin rings for sale are the big boys and girls like Morgan Silver dollar rings, large Silver Pesos and Rounds. When I say Rounds, I’m talking about silver, gold, and copper rounds that is coin shaped without a mint mark and isn’t considered currency.

Although I have my favorites, I’m not discrediting any of the smaller coins. Besides, they have their own individual attitudes. However the size, I promise to give your ring the same individual attention as if I were making one for the Pope himself. Therefore, you can expect a ring of the highest quality or I wont sell it.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy for any reason, please allow me the opportunity to fix it. Forging rings is an art but your happiness is my passion.

Don’t forget to visit our post page to see how I make these handmade rings

Service Medal Rings and More!!!


Now that you’ve seen some of our custom made rings and what we can do for you, I hope you give us the opportunity to create a special and rare piece of jewelry that will be treasured for years to come.

Therefore, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our site? Feel free to message me and I will get what is needed to make your next treasured piece.

Red Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant Handmade Jewelry
Red Jasper Sterling Silver Pendant

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