Howlite inlay bands

Howlite inlay bands

Howlite inlay bands anybody?!?! I wanted to stop by and show you some more inlay rings. These rings are made with Howlite and Opal, and I like to use sterling silver as you can tell from the other inlays. I like working with Howlite because it’s easy to pair with other colored stones to achieve different attitudes. Of course whight goes well with anything.

I just added two bands to my product page. Both of course with Howlite but each has a different look and feel because of the color opal I used.

Howlite inlay with white Opal and Black Fire Opal

Howlite Inlay Rings

This ring is made of course using white howlites, white opal and only a tiny amount of the black fire opal for texture. Then of corse it polished to a mirror finish. It’s simple but not too simple. It’s elegant but not too dressy and it can easily be worn casually as well as formal occasions.

Howlite with Ruby Red Opal

Now this beauty says, “FUN, PARTY, CELEBRATION” and like the previous inlay ring, it can easily be worn casually or in a formal setting… I think i will venture into other colors soon.

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