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Handmade Twist Cuff Bracelets


Quality Twist Cuff Bracelets, handmade from Fine Copper and finished with a patina to give it and old aged look. We take good care in making sure that your new jewelry will look great for nearly every occasion

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Copper twist cuff bracelets

Handmade Copper Twist Bracelets

Handmade copper bracelet

Our handmade twist cuff bracelets are crafted from the finest materials and can be worn for nearly every occasion. These bracelets are crafted from quality copper and finished off with a Patina to accentuate the Purposely placed tool marks. Thus, giving you a real, rustic, Old-world look and feel.

Product Dimensions are approximate

  • Weight- 1.6oz
  • Width- 6.2mm/1/4in
  • Wrist sizes- 5.5 – 7 inches


Handmade twist Cuff bracelets


Handmade twist Cuff bracelet

Handmade Copper Cuff bracelets

High quality unique jewelry, Turquoise dyed Howlite pendant,

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Unique handmade jewelry created by Annealed

Wrist Size

5.5, 6, 6.5, 7




Antiqued, Copper

Metal Type



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