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Service Medal Wrist Cuff


Our service medal cuff bracelets are handmade with our Veterans and Military in mind. Made from high quality Silver, Copper and Bronze service medals, These bracelets are perfectly crafted for you.

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Our service medal wrist cuff, (High Quality metal cuff bracelets) display the amount of passion we put into creating our products. The amount of time and work we put into these gorgeous works of art shows just how much we appreciate our active duty Military and Veterans. They are handmade from fine copper, Sterling Silver and Bronze service medals and are crafted specifically with our heroes in mind.

Handmade Iraq Service Medal Wrist Cuff

Iraq Metal Cuff Bracelets

The display images are stock photos only. Our Quality service medal wrist cuff bracelet is handmade and will vary slightly in appearance from the photos depicted.

To customize your military service medal bracelet, please use the form below to indicate the following:

  • Wrist size
  • Choice of Service Medals

Please be aware that these Bracelets are MADE TO ORDER and can take a few weeks to complete.

Thank you for shopping and most of all, thank you for your service!



military rings

Iraq service medal rings

Consider a matching ring to compliment your new service medal bracelet!

Handmade Iraq metal cuff bracelets

Metal Cuff Bracelets

military rings

Handmade Iraq Wrist Cuff


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Unique handmade jewelry created by Annealed




Antiqued, Bronze, Copper, Silver

Metal Type

Bronze, Copper, Sterling Silver


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