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Handmade Blue Howlite silver Pendant
Handmade Blue Howlite silver Pendant

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We do our best to provide premium service so if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I love to make jewelry but without You, it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. I would like the opportunity to ensure the happiness of all my customers, so if I can help, I will.

Thank you in advance

Robert Fowler Owner/Operator

Getting to Know Morgan Silver Dollar Rings

Premium jewelry Coin Rings, Coin Rings For Sale

Contact us for quality jewelry like Morgan Silver Dollar Rings for Sale –The King of Coin Rings!!!!

The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. It was the first standard silver dollar minted since production of the previous design, the Seated Liberty dollar, ceased due to the passage of the Coinage Act of 1873, which also ended the free coining of silver. The coin is named after its designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan. The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Liberty, while the reverse depicts an eagle with wings outstretched. The mint mark, if any, appears on the reverse above the “o” in “Dollar”.

It’s always nice to know the history of interesting pieces of jewelry like Morgan silver dollar rings. If you would like a bit of history on silver quarter rings, you can read all about it on the checkout page.

quality Coin Rings, coin rings for sale
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More than just Coin Rings … We also make SERVICE MEDAL RINGS

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