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Service Medal Rings

Medal RINGS Can Be Worn Anytime Anywhere!

Service Medal rings – Jewelry made from Service Medals… I’m dedicating this page to just Rings made from Medals. For years people have been awarded Medals for one achievement or the other and they always end up in three different places; shadowbox, storage or lost. Speaking from experience, I had always wished I could show my Medals off without “Showing Them Off.”

Finally a service medal you can wear everywhere you go!!! During my time making coin rings, I kept looking for other more interesting designs in coins so that I can offer my customers something different. I don’t know exactly when the idea came to me but I’m happy it did. I can now offer Veterans and active duty personnel of different services the ability to proudly wear their Medals anytime and anywhere.

I’m sure there are other ring makers who have already had this idea so I won’t pretend that I’m the only one on the planet making these custom made rings. I will promise you that I will give your ring the most undivided attention until its finished and Shipped.

Above all, I want you to be happy with your purchase and if for any reason you are not satisfied, please reach out to me and we’ll see what we can do to change that. We are now offering a powder coating on our rings. The Military Service Medal rings below is an example of this powder coat

As you can see, the powder coating gives the Medal Jewelry a much more dramatic appearance compared to an antique patina. Of course I believe the traditional Patina is Classically beautiful on its own. Besides, we’re talking apples and oranges.

My first Medal Ring

The very first one I made came from my own personal National Defense Medal. I wasn’t sure if I could forge Medals into a rings without complications So obviously I was nervous. Besides, I didn’t want to mess up my medal .

Medals, Service Medals, Medal Rings, Rings
MUCH BETTER!! (Recent)
Not bad (First One)

So I know now that I can Create a ring that does more than just looks good. It decorates the most important achievements in your life that otherwise would be placed in a drawer and forgotten by most. I thank you all who have helped to make my life safe in this world. So I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!

Military Service Medal Rings For Sale

Whether you were in the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, or a Citizen who was awarded a Medal for doing something extraordinary. Either way, THESE RINGS ARE FOR YOU and it would be my honor to make it for you.

Medals that qualify

First, it Must have round edges So, (no star shaped or points). It should also need to be a solid piece (not two or more pieces put together)

Medals, service medals, Rings
Navy Good Conduct
Iraq Campaign
Service medal Rings
Watch me make this service medal ring
service medal rings, coin rings, coin rings for sale
Vietnam Service
War on Terrorism
Army Commendation
Liberation Of Kuwait (POWDER COATED)
Army Good Conduct
National Defense
Afghanistan Campaign

Obviously I don’t have photos of all the Medals I can make and I will try to compile a list at some point to make life easier for you. In the mean time, if you want me to make a ring from one you don’t see here, Click on the “Any Qualifying Medals” link and you can make your purchase there as well as leaving me a message of the Medal you are interested in.

I believe word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. So if you absolutely love your ring and you cant help but show it to everyone you know. Well, lets just say I Certainly wont complain.

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