Tigers Eye Band

Tigers Eye Band

Tigers eye inlay rings

I love our new Tigers eye band. I am having so much fun crafting these Inlay rings i can’t control myself.

How it’s made- the basics

  1. Choose the high quality materials
  2. cherry pick the best color
  3. Forge a strong ring blank from Sterling silver
  4. Strategically place the tigers eye stones within the channel of the ring blank and secure them using a jewelry grade glue
  5. place fine white opal pieces in between and around the tigers eye filling in all empty spaces and secure it with more glue
  6. allow to dry
  7. file the atones down flush with the channel walls
  8. starting with 400 grit and ending with 3000 grit wet sand paper, sand smooth
  9. polish the entire ring to a mirror finish
  10. seal the tigers eye inlay ring with a jewelry grade sealant
  11. enjoy

There is obviously more involved but that’s the basics. This new Tigers eye inlay ring is absolutely stunning to say the least and if paired up make the perfect wedding band set. They are stylish enough to wear day to day with casual attire and dressy enough for formal wear.

I really do appreciate the feedback so let me know what y’all think and if you like what you see and want one for yourself, just click HERE!!!

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